OEM Dr-ion Resizable Negative Ion Energy Health Wristband Bracelet with Clasp

Constructed from the highest grade silicone on the market, the original Dr-ion wristbands contain the proven presence of negative ions in each piece, i.e. more than 2200 negative ions per cubic centimeters.

The wristbands are available in various colors. Encased in a clean acrylic case inside a luxurious golden wooden box, the reversible wristband features the Dr-ion logos on both sides. As a perfect companion for your daily activities, the Dr-ion negative ion wristband is also a perfect gift for people you really care.

Also called Power Wristband/Bracelet, Energy Wristband/Bracelet or Health Wristband/Bracelet, the Dr-ion`s negative ion wristband/bracelet is ultra light, very flexible, fashionable and reversible.

Q: What makes the negative ion wristbands by Dr-ion so stand out and so different from other products?

A: Because they are so powerful and effective by the proven presence of the highest content of negative ions contained in Dr-ion negative ion wristbands (bracelets), compared with others. The average measurement of negative ions on Dr-ion wristbands is more than 2200 negative ions per cubic centimeters, with the highest measurements up to more than 2700

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