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  • 12PCS Silicone Stretch Lids Universal Silicone Food Wrap Bowl Pot Lid Silicone Cover Pan Cooking Kitchen Accessories

    Universal Silicone Stretch Lids Kitchen Cookware Reusable Pan Bowl Pot Food Fruit Fresh Seal Cover
    1. Made of food grade silicone, the material has passed FDA certification.
    2. Sturdy and durable, anti-corrosion, super flexible and not deformed.

    Material: BPA, Food Grade Silicone
    Round: 65mm/2.56″, 90mm/3.54″, 110mm/4.33″, 140mm/5.51″, 160mm/6.3″, 200mm/7.87″
    Square: 65mm/2.56″, 95mm/3.74″, 115mm/4.53″, 145mm/5.71″, 165mm/6.5″, 205mm/8.07″
    Certification: SGS, FDA, LFGB, Rohs
    Temperature: -40°F to +446°F (-40°C to +230°C)
    Advantage: Strong Heat Resistance
    Type: 3x Round, 6x Round, 6x Square, 6x Round+6x Square

  • Silicone Stretch Lids, 13 Pack XXL Up to 9.8” Diameter, 7 Round and 6 Rectangular Miracle Lids,Durable,Reusable Stretch Food Saving Covers

    • 【Exclusive XL Size Bowl Lid 】– offers you a silicone lid with a maximum size of 9.8 inches. Our flexible silicone lid is compatible with many containers, including pots, soup bowls and glass jars Never waste time transferring food to another container! You will never have to ask the annoying question, “where is the lid for this container?” They can be directly contact with the containers.
    • 【13 Pack,7 different sizes, 2 shapes】 – Silicone storage covers come in 6 sizes (2.6″, 3.8″,4.5″, 5.7″,6.5″, 8.1″). Round lid is also coming a 9.8’’ size. More size and shapes for silicone lids for your rectangular bowls and cups!
    • 【Dishwasher Safe & Saran wrap Replacement 】– Put silicone food cover in the dishwasher and refrigerator, the elasticity of cover remained the same. Longzosticity of cover remained the same.  extra thick silicone covers are durable and will not tear or warp. Easy to use, they can be used over and over again and are dishwasher and freezer safe. Significantly reducing plastic waste, they are more eco friendly and the best replaceemnt for Saran wraps, baggies, or your traditional containers.
    • 【 Practical and easy to handle】– pure silicone material.  silicone lids directly fit over bowls, jar lids, and hot food items themselves, helping you avoid a container transfer. Please NOTE: Due to the material nature of the silicone, to avoid slipping, make sure that your hands and the outer edge of the bowl and the silicone covers are perfectly dry (NO oil and water) during operation. It is not suitable for sharp objects.
  • Silicone Stretch Lids,12 Pack Reusable Lids Fit Various Sizes & Shapes of Containers, Durable & Expandable Food Covers to Keep Food Fresh, Silicone Bowl Covers

    • [ Super Leak-proof & Fit over Any Shaped Container ] – They come in 6 elastic sizes, 2.6″, 3.8″, 4.4″, 5.5″,6.2″ & 8.0″. You will never need to waste time searching for lids again! Our stretchy silicone lids are compatible with mason Jars, cat or dog food cans, cups, pot and direct use on half a watermelon. Airtight sealing will lock the freshness of food and leak-proof design prevents any liquid from spilling out. Our seal silicone lids to fit square and rectangular pots as well as round ones.
    • [ Your Safety is Our Top Priority & Odorless ] – Our silicone bowl lids is 100% Phthalate, Lead Free, Plastic Free and BPA free. Simply cover your food and heat in microwave, dishwasher and freezer safe. It is safe for adult and baby food storage and no chemical smell. It is safe to directly cover them over cups, bowls, fresh cut fruit and vegetables. They won’t cause any bad odor for food storage. Degbit is always keeping your food fresh and family health.
    • [ Dishwasher, Freezer and Microwave Safe & Clear Compatible ] – Whether it is washing in the dishwasher or in a refrigerator or microwave, it’s the same as you saw it for the first time. You can choose the color of bowl covers you want to use according to your mood, clear or blue. Our silicone bowl cover see-through sealing lids offer you a window to the fresh food that is in your refrigerator. ( Note: edges of the container needs to be dry before use to ensure the perfect seal. )
    • [ Save Your Money & Eco Friendly ] – Food cover lids helps you no longer need conventional cling wrap and the zipper storage bags! They will serve as replacement for the broken or lost lids and significantly reducing plastic waste, they are a thousand times more eco friendly than cling wraps, baggies, or your traditional containers. Easy to use, there is no better way to seal your fresh food better than the Degbit silicone lids!