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  • Bio Elements Magnetic Energy Silicone Ion Balance Wristband Power Therapy Health Band Bracelet



    Benefits from Wearing this Bracelet:

    1.Reduces inflammation in the arm/hand

    2.Promotes unclumping of cells and regeneration (arm)

    3.Enhances blood circulation

    4.Takes away your aches and pain around wrist area

    5.Improves stamina, endurance and strength, also shorten recovery time during workout (arm)

    6.Increases your flexibility of hand & arm

    7.Improves sleep

    8.Improves focus, mental alertness and increases productivity

    9.Relieve fatigue and stress

    Who would need this iON Bracelet?

    1. Athletes and active people

    2  People working in stressful environment

    3. If you have low immune system

    4. If you want to feel alive and enjoy active life

    5. If you feel down and depressed

    6. If you get tired easily

    7. Students, active service, etc..

    8. If your work demands too much physical

    OEM is available

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